The Park At Athens Lakeside
  • 2-bed

    From $580/Month/Bed

    Two Bedroom

    • 2 Bed
    • 1 Bath
    • 790 Sqft


    • Renovated and Standard Options
    • Private Bedrooms
    • Furnished with Full Kitchen
    • In-Unit Washer & Dryer
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    From $425/Month/Bed

    Four Bedroom

    • 4 Bed
    • 2 Bath
    • 1,200 Sqft


    • Renovated and Standard Options
    • Private Bedrooms
    • Furnished with Full Kitchen
    • In-Unit Washer & Dryer
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A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Renovations At Lakeside

From modernized living spaces to vibrant community hubs, the future of Lakeside promises a blend of luxury, comfort, and connectivity tailored to the dynamic lifestyle of tomorrow’s residents.


Living Spaces & Community Hubs

Interior & Clubhouse Enhancements

Our fully renovated units and clubhouse offer a blend of modern luxury and functionality, with high-quality features throughout every space.


Interior & Clubhouse Enhancements

Clubhouse Features
An expanded clubhouse now includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, a student lounge with gaming areas, and a study area equipped with private rooms for academic pursuits.

Unit Renovations
Luxurious plank flooring, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, refreshed cabinetry, and LED lighting modernize living spaces.

Revitalized Outdoors & Modern Convenience

Outdoor & Community Upgrades

Step into a revamped community from the inside out. From eco-friendly initiatives to digital conveniences, our outdoor and communal renovations help shape a lifestyle for residents that is new with meaning and active.


Outdoor & Community Upgrades

Amenities & Exteriors
Community enhancements feature a redesigned pool and lounge area, a resident fire pit, a new dog park with obstacles, and a rejuvenated exterior with fresh paint and signage.

Improved parking facilities and refreshed landscaping elevate the outdoor experience, alongside new lakeside seating for enhanced relaxation and socializing.

Sustainability & Technology
Environmental and technological upgrades include LED lighting and low-flow toilets for greener living, alongside light-speed internet and seamless electronic door locks for unmatched convenience and connectivity.

Beyond Basics

A Lifestyle Upgrade

We believe your student lifestyle should be vibrant both inside and outside your apartment. We offer an array of indoor and outdoor amenities designed to enrich your living experience.

Unit Renovations

  • Modern plank flooring in common areas and bedrooms

  • Granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances

  • Updated kitchen cabinetry

  • LED lighting throughout for a brighter living space

Technology Enhancements

  • Upgrade to light-speed internet

  • Seamless electronic door locks for easy mobile access


Clubhouse & Leisure

  • Upgraded clubhouse

  • Brand new areas for study, relaxation, gaming, and fitness

  • New student lounge and private study rooms

Outdoor & Landscaping Enhancements

  • Refreshed pool area with modern furniture

  • New fire pit, dog park, and communal spaces

  • Updated exteriors with fresh paint and signage

  • Improved parking and revitalized landscaping